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Sad to say, but we've spent more time over last three months examining the ins and outs of Miley Cyrus' relationship with Liam Hemsworth than we have our own. As we deal with the depressing ramifications of this fact, here's the latest on their mercurial romance …

Despite Us Weekly's declaration that the engagement is off and they're "definitely over" after four years of on-off togetherness, People says the "Last Song" lovebirds are on the upswing.

Cyrus, 20, and Hemsworth, 23, "are still living together but have no wedding plans," relays a source. "They still need to work on their relationship, but after they decided to postpone the wedding, they are doing better. They feel less stress and less pressure now. Miley can focus on her music."

But music didn't seem to be the main thing on her mind during a spandex-packed video shoot on Thursday in Los Angeles. Instead, she was more concerned with making sure paparazzi got clear shots of her engagement ring, a process she helped along by holding up her left hand.

The day before, Liam was spied entering the gates of her mansion. According to Us, they're still living together but are sleeping in separate rooms.

"It's strange," opines a Miley spy. "He's like a roomie who she can have fun with and be silly with -- but there's no passion."

Also raising eyebrows: They haven't been photographed together in months.

"It's been rocky, but they are hanging in there," an insider explains to E! News.

We'd say we hope these crazy kids make it, but does anyone except Miley really expect that to happen?


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