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By Kat Giantis

How did Miley Cyrus celebrate her well-received hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend? By catching up with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill at the show's afterparty.

That's according to JustJared.com, which says the starlet, 18, and the rocker, 23, who have apparently known each other for a while through their shared Nashville connection, appeared quite friendly while hanging with pals at a New York eatery.

"They were very flirty sitting side-by-side," says a seemingly body language-proficient onlooker. "They looked very casual and comfortable with each other."

The sighting comes on the heels of a Hollywood Life report that claims Miley has been texting Jared ever since they hung out at the MTV Europe Awards in November (she also presented with KoL at the Grammys in February).

"Miley wants to keep Jared interested," maintains a mole. "She often sends him coy text messages. So far, he is a big fan of what she has been sending."

But is he also indiscreet?

"Jared loves showing off his texts from Miley," continues the source. "He thinks she's very pretty and is excited she's still flirting with him."

Followill, however, appears to find the whole idea of "coy text messages" hilarious.

When one of his Twitter followers asked him to share the supposed missives with the rest of the Internet, he replied on Tuesday with tongue firmly in cheek: "I read in Tiger Beat Magazine that they are uh pretty coy."

Cyrus, for her part, has had Followill on her radar for a while. At the 2009 Grammys, she candidly told Rolling Stone, "He's pretty good-looking. I'm not usually one to freak, but me and Taylor Swift ... were like, 'Holy smoke!'"

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