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Given the choice between snuggling up to a strapping male model and kicking back solo, Kate Winslet may have chosen the more solitary and seemingly less appealing option.

The London Daily Mail says the Oscar winner, who announced her bust-up with director Sam Mendes in March, has deep-sixed British looker Louis Dowler after four-plus months of coupledom because, like Greta Garbo before her, she wants to be alone.

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"Louis was just the tonic Kate needed after her painful split from Sam, and they had a wonderful time," shares a pal. "However, they have realized their relationship isn't working, and Kate needs space to be on her own."

Continues the mole, "She is very grateful to Louis for helping her pick her life back up after her marriage ended, and they had a lot of fun together, but she felt it had come to an end and wants to concentrate on her career and children [6-year-old Joe and 10-year-old Mia]."

Dowler had reportedly planned to accompany Winslet to Chicago while she filmed "Contagion" with Matt Damon, but the romance hit a roadblock, and he opted to head back to London, says the paper.

"Louis was all for supporting Kate in Chicago," relays a spy. "But Kate felt she needed to go alone in the end and have time to herself. She feels she has rushed into things and wants to be alone to find out what it is that she wants."

Winslet's rep did not respond to our request for comment on the breakup reports.

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