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Less than a month after Robin Wright filed for divorce from Sean Penn, the actor, 49, was spotted numerous times with model Jessica White in New York City.

On "The Tyra Show" Wednesday, White, 25, confirms the two were an item -- but are no longer together.

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"Is Sean Penn your boyfriend? I saw you with him," Tyra Banks asks White, a former guest judge on "America's Next Top Model's Cycle 13." "Can I say that? Is that OK, is that too much?"

"No, it's not too much," White replies.

When Banks shows photos of White and Penn holding hands in September, White plays it cool.

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"I hold hands with my friends," she says

"Ooooh, she's dating Sean Penn!" Banks replies.

"No, I didn't say that," White says. "[We] used to. Past tense."

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Despite cooling things off, White still thinks fondly of the actor.

Says the model, "He is a very sweet guy."