How do you get kids these days to pay attention to Mr. Rogers' life-lessons? By adding some autotune, of course!

YouTube user melodysheep (real name: John D. Boswell) did just that this week, remixing Mr. Rogers' beloved song, "Garden of Your Mind," which teaches kids about creativity and the power of imagination.

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Since posting it, the updated, electronic take on the song has gone viral, garnering coverage all over the web, as well as almost a million views on PBS Studio's YouTube channel.

Fred Rogers -- the beloved host of PBS' long-running children's show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood -- passed away in 2003 at the age of 74, but the new take on his tune has gotten a big stamp of approval from the folks in charge of his company.

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Said The Fred Rogers Company COO, Fred Morrison, in a statement, "I think that the thing we like about the piece most of all is how it shows that Fred was really ahead of his time."

Click to watch the catchy take on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood's "Garden of Your Mind."

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