Doug Meszler / Splash News 1 / 16
Doug Meszler / Splash News 1 / 16

NEW YORK (AP) -- Naomi Campbell has settled a New York court dispute with a perfume company that said she unfairly squeezed her longtime agent and others out of profits from her fragrance line. The supermodel, meanwhile, said she wasn't given full information before signing a deal with them.

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Court records show the dueling suits between Moodform Mission and Campbell were closed Thursday. Moodform Mission's lawyer, Daniel Bright, said Friday his clients are happy with the settlement. He wouldn't disclose details.

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Campbell's lawyer didn't immediately return a call.

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Campbell modeling agent Carole White and a cosmetics company formed Moodform Mission. The partnership said Campbell violated a 1998 contract by inking a new fragrance-licensing agreement in 2008.

Campbell said she didn't know for years that White had a stake in the perfume partnership.