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By Kat Giantis, reporting by Mary S. Park

Naomi Watts has perfected that casually chic New York style that so many women aspire to. She's had to. With a busy big-screen career and two kids under the age of three (sons Sasha and Kai with longtime love Liev Schreiber), she doesn't have time for fashion that isn't also functional. That might be why the Australian actress is drawn to the streamlined designs of Calvin Klein, whose runway collection she checked out during New York Fashion Week. We caught up with Watts at the show, and she revealed how real life impacts her wardrobe (think comfy shoes and purses big enough to hold her mommy gear), her admiration for the au naturel look, and how she's keeping her sartorial edge with a little help from a second-skin rock star staple.

WONDERWALL: What do you think of the gray hair trend that Kate Moss and now [Calvin Klein runway model Kristen McMenamy] are sporting?

NW: I loved it. She looked absolutely phenomenal. I just think it looked good and, you know, I'm probably not far off that myself. I mean, she's younger than me I'm sure! But I just loved it. I thought it really suited her and the clothing and power to her. You know? I think anyone who chooses to be natural, I'm always very impressed by them.

WW: Calvin Klein has racy underwear campaigns. Who's hotter, Kellan Lutz or Mark Wahlberg?

NW: They all look pretty racy.

Later, Naomi fielded questions from reporters ...

What do you love about Calvin Klein?

NW: I do wear a lot of his clothes. I like the simplicity, they always feel modern but there's a classical feel to them. For me, they always feel wearable.

What did you think of the high shoes on the runway?

NW: I couldn't wear those. Definitely not. I have trouble in any heel. Let alone, they must have been a foot high, although I could use an extra foot. There's always a good modern edge. And for me, somebody's who's small and [has] small features, narrow shoulders, I can't wear fussy, over the top clothing, but I still want an edge. I still want to have something going on and he's able to do that: make the clothes wearable and there's always something very modern about them.

What is your favorite handbag. I see your gorgeous clutch. Do you carry them every day?

NW: No, definitely not. I have gigantic handbags. They have to be kind of utilitarian.

What are your favorite shoes?

NW: Around New York, especially in the winter, I've got an old pair of boots that I've been wearing for 5 years that I spend a lot of time walking 10, 15 blocks, dropping my kids, doing my school run.

What was your most recent fashion splurge?

NW: A pair of leather pants.

What has been your most awkward photo shoot?

NW: You know photo shoots are never completely comfortable ... It's not my area of expertise or an actor's area of expertise. I prefer to move around in front of a motion camera, not a still camera ... I always feel a bit frozen. I have to say, my brother's a photographer, [and] when I work with him, he's one of the few people who truly relaxes me, makes me forget that I'm front of a camera.

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