Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP 1 / 6
Dan Steinberg / Invision/AP 1 / 6

Are you Natalie Portman-ed out yet? Good, because In Style has all the details on the stork-awaiting Oscar nominee's engagement ring.

Turns out Natalie's hoofer fiancé (and "Black Swan" co-star) Benjamin Millepied considerately made sure the sparkler didn't offend any of her vegan and green-living sensibilities.

With help from a jewelry designer friend, the choreographer chose a honkin' round-cut antique rock encircled by certified conflict-free pave diamonds (if you missed "Blood Diamond," "conflict-free" means the stones are legally and ethically mined). The ring itself was created from recycled platinum.

"Ben was exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated and patient to make sure we had everything right," enthuses bauble designer Jamie Wolf, who says her former career as a ballet dancer informs her creations. "We wanted everything about the ring to speak to things that are important to Natalie."

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