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Anthony / Pacific Coast News 1 / 6

By Michelle Lanz

Well, kiddos, it's time for another season of "Dancing With the Stars," which means a whole new set of potential celeb-dancer hook-ups to gossip about.

David Hasselhoff, who has been paired with dancer Kym Johnson this season, kicked off the romance buzz early by telling E! that he was "smiling for a long time" when he first met his partner. Watch out for those roving Hasselhoff hands, Kym!

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Then there is the news that The Situation is paired up with dancer Karina Smirnoff. Now isn't that just a match made in cleavage-friendly, washboard-abbed heaven!? Smirnoff has dated former "DWTS" partner Mario Lopez and was even engaged to fellow dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, so she for sure has a thing for muscle-bound dudes.

If history helps us predict the future at all, we're guessing that Sitch's famous abs and Karina's tendency to "keep it in the 'DWTS' family" will translate to a little waltzing off-stage for this fit twosome.

Of course, there are the rumors that go nowhere, like when Chad OchoCinco gave dancing partner Cheryl Burke a $10,000 diamond ring as a gift. For the rest of us that sure seems likes an expression of undying love, but when you're a millionaire pro football player, $10,000 is equivalent to what you'd spend on a gift for your best friend. Though that doesn't mean they didn't play a game or two of tonsil hockey during their time together.

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Burke has been the subject of many a "DWTS" hookup rumor. From Nick Lachey to her former partner Joey Lawrence's brother Matthew, to Drew Lachey and Chad Ochocinco, it seems she's always allegedly smooching her leading men. This season her partner is Rick Fox, who's currently dating actress Eliza Dushku. Let's just hope Burke keeps this one off-limits.

Chmerkovskiy is still the subject of romance rumors with Erin Andrews, his partner from last season, but their true relationship hasn't been confirmed (or denyed). Sure they've been seen out together, but we're guessing she's not too keen on jumping into something right after being the victim of a creepy peeping tom.

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One hook up we'd like to see happen this season is Bristol Palin and her partner Mark Ballas. After her rocky relationship with Levi Johnston, Palin can use a down-to-earth nice guy, and she's in good hands with Ballas as her partner. Plus, he dated former partner Sabrina Bryan for a while, so he's not against inter-dancefloor dating.

So, it's not really a question of whether these celebs and dancers will take their waltz behind closed doors, it's just a matter of who and when.