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Written by Melissa Hunter, reporting by Mary S. Park

Move over, Blake, Taylor, and Leighton, there's a new uber-stylish girl roaming the streets of Manhattan in sky-high heels. And one who gets to kiss Chase Crawford, no less.

Wonderwall caught up with Joanna Garcia at the Anna Sui for Target Pop-up Store Launch party in New York. Garcia now plays Chase's new lady on "Gossip Girl" ... and she's not afraid to kiss and tell. Or kiss and brag, rather.

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We asked her what it was like to kiss Chace Crawford (because we're a bunch of 12-year olds, obvs). She says it is "everything you would imagine it to be and more!"

Go on. Tell us how pretty he is. She explains, "When you get to know him, he's more gorgeous. He's such a nice guy. He's a total dude. He's ready to have a cocktail and kick back and watch sports and he's um... I was very lucky, he's a gem, an absolute gem. As beautiful as he is on the outside, he's ten times more beautiful on the inside."

So what was she wearing to the Anna Sui for Target launch? She says, "Anna Sui. Thank You." Whew. That woulda been real awkward otherwise.

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So how is it living in the world of "Gossip Girl" and getting to go to live in all these high end designer clothes all day long? Pretty rough, right?

She explains, "It's the best thing on earth.  I've got a good push up bra and nice panties and I'm ready to go so put me in whatever you want."

There you have it. Wonderwall can exclusively confirm that Joanna Garcia wears bras and underwear. You heard it here first.

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We also chatted with Garcia's costar Jessica Szohr at the show as well. Szohr's character Vanessa is one of Anna Sui's muses, and we asked how that was working out for her. She says, "I think it's amazing. With all the patterns, she picks out amazing patterns. So you know with Vanessa with every shape, color, everything. Vanessa wears her very often."

And what pieces from her collection does she have? She says, "I have a bunch. I have this really cool red, plaid skirt that I'm dying to wear. I'm very, very excited.  I almost wore it tonight. I'm very, very excited."

All right, in case you were wondering, she's very, very excited.

But let's steer away from fashion for a minute to get back to the serious issue: Boys. Specifically her boy Ed Westwick who's been rumored to be kissing a *gasp!* boy on this season. We asked her what she thought of the kiss and she says, "I think Chuck Bass kisses about 10 girls every episode."

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OK, fair enough. But how does she feel about him specifically kissing dudes on the show? "Sorry I can't talk about it," she whispers (OK, maybe not whisper, but it sounds better), "I didn't even know that. Chuck Bass kisses somebody else? Something other than a female?"

Ooh, the playing dumb strategy. Well played, Szohr. Guess we'll refrain from our follow-up question of "All right, really, Ed Westwick is gay in real life, right?"