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Nick Cannon has voiced his anger after receiving a barrage of disparaging messages on his Twitter page, branding the culprits "cowards" and "disrespectful."

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The "America's Got Talent" host has re-posted a series of nasty comments on his page, which were sent to him by disgruntled fans.

The mocking tweets label the star "gay and annoying," among other insults.

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Cannon admits he is upset by the content of the posts, but insists he will not be "bullied" by his harsh critics.

He writes, "I was just showing y'all the type of stuff I deal with every morning. Got to make sure I got my armor on ... I never start stuff with anyone. I like making people smile. But y'all know the enemy is busy ... but I will not be bullied ... Some of the stuff is too disrespectful to retweet. But don't trip, y'all I can handle it, I'm a soldier I actually enjoy being the underdog..."

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"Funny how people think I started all this stuff w/ (with) everyone, when I'm just protecting my own. Cowards yell from afar but never want 2 (sic) step up."