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We've seen Nicole Kidman play a lot of things, like a sexy singer in "Moulin Rouge," iconic Grace Kelly in "Grace of Monaco," and a cowgirl in both "Cold Mountain" and "Australia." Rarely have we seen her play the villain, but in her new family comedy "Paddington" she does just that, much to the dismay of daughters, 6-year-old Rose and 4-year-old Faith Margaret, who grew to like the part only after visiting their mom on set with dad Keith Urban. Ahead of her film, which opens on Jan. 16, the Oscar winner chatted with mom.me about balancing work with motherhood and being a country star's wife, playing a bad gal, and why she won't ever admit to another celeb crush after that hilarious Jimmy Fallon reveal.

Nicole Kidman on what kind of mom she is:

"I think, because I've raised four kids now, I've been probably every type of mom. I've run the gamut. So, with Sunday I did attachment. With Faith, it was much more about trying to just let her have much more of her space, because with Sunday we were very, very sort of linked and then trying to get her to pull away from me was difficult. And lot of it is intuitive. But, so much of it is, I think, just respect for them and for what they're going through and feeling, but still boundaries and I think you can see children that are loved. Good love is what I call it. And Keith and I are very lucky because we do have two lovely people. I mean, I just love who they are. Both of our girls are so nice, and so are my older children. They're just very nice people."

Nicole on traveling with Keith and her girls on a tour bus:

"It's pretty crazy because we're all on the bus and it's pretty close confinement. We have bunk beds. The girls love it. That is their favorite thing. … When they're little, they love those little cubbies and those little holes and stuff like that to hide in. I think that's what the bunk bed on the tour bus is for them. And they get to watch TV. A lot of the rules at home do not apply on the tour bus."

Nicole on a typical night at home:

"We always have dinner as a family. We eat very early, 5:30, and then we just hang out. Sometimes we watch reruns of 'The Brady Bunch.' Sometimes we play games. We just kind of have a pretty normal, easy life together. But, we're very tight. There's the four of us, and we're very close."

Nicole on how she and Keith keep their family grounded

"We work hard at it, and we talk a lot. We talk about things and we change and we experiment and we try stuff. We really try to respect them (their daughters) and listen to them, and they're very much a part of the family and contributing to the family and the happiness of the family. We're lucky because Keith and I are at a stage in our lives where we're not really young and so we have a different way of approaching life, and he's very mellow. Anything that doesn't work for the family—particularly for the marriage—we won't do, and I have no problem saying no to something if it doesn't work for us."

Nicole on her girls seeing her play a villain:

"At first, they were mortified that I wasn't playing the bear's mommy. But, then they came on the set and they saw all of the behind-the-scenes and all of that, and they kind of fell in love with the whole thing. So, now they've sort of embraced it. But, I also think, because the movie is so fun and it's done with a sense of humor and a bit tongue in cheek that that kind of helped it, because there is nothing really that's terrifying in the movie. So, it's more sort of sweetly menacing in a way."

Nicole on what kind of dad Keith is:

"He's a daddy -- he's got a strong sense of what's right and wrong and what he considers to be appropriate. … He's lived a life. He's very open about the life he's lived, and he came from nothing and he built himself up into what he is and I love that. I'm his wife, I'm a little biased."

Nicole on if she really liked Jimmy Fallon once upon a time—or any other cute celebrities?

"No comment (laughs). I've learned my lesson. I'm shutting my mouth."