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Name: Nicole Richie

Age: 32

Interests: Family, fashion, laughing

OK, OK, you got us, this isn't Nicole Richie's dating profile, but the happily married mother of two did recently look into online dating … for her unscripted series.

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"That was something I never experienced because it wasn't around when I started dating [husband Joel Madden]. And it's so exciting to not to have to answer a guy right away and have a two-minute thought process of what you're going to say. It's very cool," she told Wonderwall at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas on Tuesday. "I now do it in my marriage."

The online dating "research" is just the latest laugh from her Web series "Candidly Nicole" turned TV show "#CandidlyNicole," which features her in sometimes compromising positions.

"The show keeps me laughing every single day that I'm shooting it, but I'm learning a lot," she said. Recently she learned how to audition for "Toddlers and Tiaras". No joke. She trained like a "Cirque Du Soleil" performer. Like we said, "sometimes compromising positions."

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The show, of course, also features her perspective on parenthood. And it's clear from her purple locks that she can be a sucker for whatever her children want.

"My daughter asked me to do it and I thought, why not? It's temporary. It's fun. It will make her happy and in turn it made me happy," she said, adding that this actually isn't the first time she's had purple hair. "I went through a 'Punky Brewster' and 'Clarissa Explains It All' stage. It was a little bit different. I used Kool-Aid. It came out a little differently."

Update to the dating profile: Those interested must accept evolving hair color.

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