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Nikki Reed's life is pretty perfect right now, but that doesn't mean the newlywed is taking it for granted.

"From finishing the Twilight movies to meeting Paul and having our wedding, it's not like I'm living a fairy tale, but when you work hard for things there's a nice payoff," Nikki told Manhattan magazine and obtained exclusively by

Nikki dished on her role in the upcoming "Breaking Dawn: Part I."

"Bella [Kristen Stewart] gets pregnant against everyone's wishes, and Rosalie's life dream is to be a mother, so we find our one common platform with the baby and are on the same page for the first time."

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Now a Los Angeles resident with her husband, American Idol alum Paul McDonald, Nikki talked about her oddest NYC moment.

"After I started living there when I was 16 I got jumped on a train and experienced my first bar fight—a lot of my craziest moments have happened in New York."

Nikki has been on a world tour for Twilight and the premiere is November 14 in the U.S. and will be covering everything a Twihard wants to know about the new movie!


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Newlyweds Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald Step Out

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