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By Brenda Rodriguez, with reporting by Soo Youn

Is Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner as tough as he seems in his film "The Hurt Locker"? Maybe just a little, he admits. Good, 'cause we love a guy who's rough around the edges. Wonderwall caught up with 39-year-old actor (and his mom, pictured to the left) at The Hollywood Reporter's "Nominees' Night" event presented by Bing and MSN where he talked about his date for the big night and his chances of winning the Oscar.

So what's been the most exciting part of Oscar week?

Jeremy Renner: This gorgeous gal right here with me. My mom's in town.

So mom, is he as rebellious in real life as he is in the movie?

Valerie Cearley: A little bit, not too much though.

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Are you a rebel in real life?

JR: No, I just stand by what I believe.

A rebel with a cause?

JR: I suppose. With a purpose.

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Valerie, how proud are you of your son?

VC: I'm so impressed. I would never in my wildest dreams would have thought my son would one day be an Oscar nominee.

Speaking of which, Jeremy, are you working on an Oscar speech?

JR: No. I'm not expecting to win. What am I going to say? And so if I win, I'll go up and be surprised or weep, probably weep or cry or laugh or punch somebody, I don't know. We'll find out if that happens. But I'm not going to prepare for something I don't expect to happen.

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Why don't you expect to win?

JR: Um, look who I'm up against! And, it's hard to kind of separate the different performances. We're all kind of celebrating as a collective of artists. We've already all won, right? So I'll go up there and celebrate with George [Clooney] and the whole gang. We'll see what happens.

Who are you most looking forward to partying with on Oscar night?

JR: My mom. You get a couple of margaritas in her, and then. She's all calm and contained now, but the Irish in her will come out.

Partying with your mom on Oscar night, what more could a boy ask for?