MIKE DISCIULLO / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 7
MIKE DISCIULLO / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 7

By Jen Odell, with reporting by Paris Hampton

With her first book, her first sitcom and a regular role on TV's funniest news show in the can, Olivia Munn's geek chic persona is starting to feel like a distant memory. These days, the multi-talented 30-year-old is focused on making the jump to the big screen in "I Don't Know How She Does It," which she's currently shooting in New York with new pal, Sarah Jessica Parker. And judging from the style acumen she exhibited at the Jill Stuart show on Feb. 12 during New York Fashion Week, it sounds like Olivia's been taking notes on more than just acting from "Sex and the City" fashion plate, SJP. Wonderwall checked in with Olivia backstage about her style choices, her new flick and her recent bout with the tabloid rumor mill.

Wonderwall: So, what's it like working with Sarah Jessica?

Olivia Munn: She's everything you would ever want her to be. She's literally the best friend that you would ever want ... she's given such great advice. And she has effortless style. Everything hangs on her so well. We hang out at lunch together. She's the girlfriend that you would hope that she would be.

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WW: What are you into fashion-wise right now?

OM: I'm really obsessed with mixing prints together. I'm wearing this amazing Jill Stuart Navy Dress with this vintage pink belt that I have and purple shoes. I like mixing colors. I love prints. This [dress] is … Jill. I love wearing a mini like this. It's really effortless but pulled together and ladylike.

WW: If you could raid anyone's closet, whose would it be?

OM: I love what Rachel Bilson wears all the time. She always looks so great. It would probably be someone way back in the day. If my mom had let me go through her things, it would probably be my mom!

WW: Are you rooting for anyone at Oscars?

OM: I'm a big Annette Bening fan. What she did with "The Kids Are All Right" is amazing. I'm a huge fan of that movie. I wish it was more of a front-runner, but if I was voting, that would be it.

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WW: In the last few months, the spotlight's moved from your work to your personal life. What do you make of seeing your name in the tabloids?

OM: I just think that people are bored! Rumors [have] existed for years and years and years.

WW: You were recently alleged to have had an affair with Justin Timberlake. Why not just dispel it, like Jennifer Aniston always does when an ugly rumor about her surfaces?

OM: I'm not Jennifer Aniston. I just don't talk about my personal life!

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