Billboard -- Big Boi recently took to Twitter to reveal that he'll be joining Andre 3000 on new renditions of Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" and T.I.'s "Sorry." Big Boi had told his Twitter followers over the summer that he was to appear on the two Andre-assisted songs but ultimately didn't because "'Dre didn't want an OutKast Record Coming out on anybody else LP."

Bing: Andre guests on T.I.'s new 'Sorry'

The duo seem to have had a change of heart. Big Boi told Billboard in August, "An OutKast feature on a project that's not mine or his is not what we wanted to do right now." On Dec. 29, Big Boi posted a photo on Tumblr of his upcoming verse for the "channel ORANGE" track. "Dropping a verse on this Frank Ocean "Pink Matter" #vladr," he wrote.

Big Boi will also contribute a verse to T.I.'s "Sorry," which features Andre 3000 apologizing about events in OutKast's past. "I'm sorry, I'm awkward / My fault for f------ up the tours / I hated all the attention so I ran from it / F--- it if we did, but I hope we didn't lose any fans from it,'" he raps.