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Pamela Anderson is rallying support for her upcoming run as part of the New York City marathon in November.

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"I'm running the New York Marathon this year and raising funds for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization," the former "Baywatch" star tweeted on Sunday. She finished the tweet by adding a link to her fundraising page where she explained her participation in the event. "Together, I hope we can raise at least $500,000 and make a huge impact in this magical country," Anderson wrote. "Keep checking my page and Facebook and Twitter to find out about all sorts of contests I'll be running from now until November -- I will give updates on my training too."

On the page, Anderson gets serious about the devastating conditions in Haiti, a country she has visited twice, she notes. "To spend time in Haiti is to fall in love with Haiti. ... It has been heartbreaking to witness the poverty among people in what should be a very rich country. ... It feels good to help and it heals us too. ... I appreciate your interest and support."

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Running 26.2 miles can be a daunting effort for even accomplished runners, and Anderson admitted to the New York Daily News last week that she had yet to get serious about training. "I really haven't attacked the running thing. I've never been a runner. I've never even run across the street hardly before," she said.

Instead, Anderson said she's been building up her stamina by using an elliptical and Stairmaster machines and lifting small weights at home.

However, Anderson, who has previously competed on "Dancing With the Stars" and Britain's "Dancing on Ice," says she's determined to succeed and prove her critics wrong on Nov. 3. "People think I'm crazy. ... I like to do things that people think maybe I can't do, and this is definitely one of those things," she said. "You know, somehow I learned to dance, learned to skate, and all these things that people thought I couldn't do. Now, I'm running a marathon."

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Anderson will join five Haitian marathon runners as part of J/P Haitian Relief Organization's The Long Run for Haiti campaign and her efforts will help to boost donations to Sean Penn's charity, which was set up in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake.