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By Dana Flax, reporting by Kelly E. Carter

Despite waltzing around in the cheery attire of a pretty little fairy, Doug Reinhardt reportedly ended his Halloween night in a violent tussle with girlfriend Paris Hilton.

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Self-proclaimed "good sport" Reinhardt told Wonderwall earlier in the evening at Heidi Klum's Halloween bash that Paris picked out his tutu-ed "tooth fairy" outfit. But what started out as a sweet, enchanted evening took a turn for the worse during the witching hours. Reportedly, an enraged Reinhardt threw his heiress girlfriend's cell phone out the window of a limo as they left a second party at the Roosevelt Hotel. You can imagine the drama that ensued.

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According to paparazzi on the scene, Hilton jumped out of the vehicle to retrieve her phone, then dove back into the limo and began slapping Reinhardt as he tried to hold her down.

No one has yet ventured a guess as to the exact origins of this fight, but we have an inkling. Doug was probably just downright tired of playing up his "good sport" act after two nights of subjecting himself to Paris' every embarrassingly girlie costume whim.

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"Last night we were twins. We were both Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz,'" Paris told Wonderwall at Heidi Klum's bash. "I thought it would be funny if we were both wearing tutus tonight."

Look, in no way are we advocating domestic violence, but we're not sure how we'd feel about being forced into an outfit picked for the express intent of emasculation and degradation. Gotta say, we have a theory this was all part of Paris' grand master plan for the evening. Would Hilton get back together with an ex-boyfriend just to manipulate and humiliate him? Just sayin' ... it seems fairly likely.

Listen up, Doug: When you take on the starring role as Paris Hilton's sleazy boyfriend du jour, you need to accept playing dress-up and staged shenanigans as par for the course. Sorry, but we're on Boss Hilton's side this time.

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