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Paris Hilton is responsible for every Kardashian, Real Housewife or Teen Mom on TV... or so she thinks.

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Speaking to In Touch magazine, the heiress said she and former BFF Nicole Richie all but invented reality TV… Sort of like how Al Gore invented the Internet!

"I think Nicole and I definitely started the whole reality TV thing," she said, referring to their mid-2000s reality show "The Simple Life."

In fairness to Paris, at the time, reality TV certainly wasn't what it is today. But to say she "started" it, well, that's a bit far-fetched. Consider this: The original season of MTV's "The Real World" started in 1992... and it's wrapping its 30th season (yes, it's still on!).

Sorry girl, but your claim isn't accurate at all.

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Paris, one of the original "famous for being famous" celebrities, said she's totally fine not being on a reality show now.

"It seems like the shows are more about drama now than having fun," Paris said, adding, "Nicole and I were just having a lot of fun."

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But, she would be open to doing a "Simple Life" reunion.

"You know, I order the show on my Apple TV all the time, and I watch it and laugh," she said. "There are so many crazy memories. So yeah, I would definitely be into a reunion."

Note to Paris: If this all happens, just know that you didn't "start" reunion shows either. They've been done, too.