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Paris Hilton's recent acquisitions of a mini-pig and a mini-rabbit might have signaled more than just her need for weensy, genetically engineered companionship. Could it be that something was missing in her year-plus romance with Doug Reinhardt?

E! News reports the lately buzz-lacking starlet has called it quits for the second time with her personality-light beau.

"Obviously, she broke up with him," sniffs an insider.

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According to Radar Online, Paris deep-sixed Doug because she suspected he was using her to advance his showbiz career, such as it is.

Specifically, he's said to have wanted her to take part in a proposed reality show that he's producing as a starring vehicle for his little sister and her pals. Hilton declined to join in and the project is now said to have about as much life as a box of her signature hair extensions.

This is bust-up No. 2 for the volatile, public tonsil-polishing pair, who previously parted ways last June.

They reconciled two months later, and Doug made sure to kowtow to his so-called "Angel Princess" by showering her in jewels and even agreeing to wear matching tutu-based tooth fairy costumes on Halloween, a night that allegedly ended with his hands on her throat.

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Paris, 29, worked through her purported breakup with the guy she has gushingly called "my future husband" by partying hardy over the weekend in Sin City.

"She was raging," a spy tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Dancing on tables for hours."

Joining in on Hilton's champagne-fueled groove-shaking? None other than Reggie Bush, the recent ex of Paris' frenemy, Kim Kardashian.

Reinhardt, for his part, decided to lay low.

"He was in Aspen with his dad this weekend and was considering stopping by Vegas on the drive back [to talk things out], but changed his mind," tattles the E! mole. "I'm pretty sure that's why he went to Aspen ... to hide out and try to get over her."

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