LC / Fame Flynet 1 / 12
LC / Fame Flynet 1 / 12

G.T.L — Gym, Tan, Lamborghini! Former "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D just dropped some serious coin on a new, pimped-out ride.

Pauly, a reality star-turned-DJ, spent $450,000 on a white 2013 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, according to TMZ.

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The car previously belonged to Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian. Dan previously listed the car on Ebay for $500,000, but got no takers. Enter Pauly D, who took the car for a spin on March 16 and struck a deal.

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After the purchase, Pauly immediately drove to Las Vegas where he has a DJ residency at the Hard RocK Hotel. Fun fact: Pauly's daughter already has a replica of the car in the PowerWheels format.

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Clearly things are going really, really well for Pauly in his post-reality TV life. Now, with his sick ride, he doesn't have to worry if the "cabs are here."