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Richard Beetham / Splash News 1 / 5

By Molly McMonigle, with reporting by Jennifer Odell

Pete Wentz has a lot to celebrate about these days. He just turned 31 and Father's Day is just around the corner. Wonderwall caught up with the rocker at the DIGITAS and Third Act sponsored event, the Digital Content NewFront Conference, in New York City on Wednesday. Wentz gave us the lowdown on Father's Day, life with Ashlee and Bronx, and his current musical favs.

Wonderwall: We heard you say that Ashlee outdid herself for your birthday the other day, but do you guys have any Father's Day plans?

Pete Wentz: She did! She doesn't need to do any big Father's Day plans. I just want to hang out with her and Bronx. My birthday was pretty amazing. She got me a stand-up version of Big Buck Hunter, that like bar game or whatever. I turn the sound off and I play it all night.

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WW: Has your score improved?

PW: Uh, I'm not that good at it. I shoot a lot of cows, which you're not supposed to do. And I don't hunt in real life, so PETA; don't even bother sending me that letter!

WW: Have you at least picked up a few new tips?

PW: Well they give you a tip all the time and it's: aim for the head or the heart. But a lot of times I get too excited and in the context of the game, I reload. It's always telling me reload reload reload! So I'm a reloader.

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WW: So back to an important date that's coming up. What would be the best Father's Day gift someone could give you?

PW: Well, I hope it's only my wife or my son who gives me one. [Bronx] has mastered kind of running away from me at a very slow speed and tilting his head just before I take a picture, so I'm thinking those gifts will probably come from him. And then from my wife, I just want to hang out with her.

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WW: Lets talk music. What new music are you into right now?

PW: It's weird, I usually just say some band on my label [Decaydance Records] but there's this band Tigerjaw, they're very good.

WW: What do they sound like?

PW: Like nerdy white dudes. And then I'm also listening to Chitty Bang and Travis McCoy [of Gym Class Heroes], who is a guy on my label.

Nice selection Pete!