RD / Erik Kabik / Retna Digital 1 / 5
RD / Erik Kabik / Retna Digital 1 / 5

Paris Hilton sure knows how to get the party started. The heiress was spotted in St. Tropez, rocking a bikini as she celebrated with a bevy of men.

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Hilton danced around as she and her pals sprayed each other with bottles of bubbly. One pal, who was rocking a silly helmet with devil horns (speaking of odd fashion choices: another friend hid behind a full body Spiderman costume), playfully tried to douse Paris with champagne flowing from an oversized bottle.

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The blonde has been showing a lot of skin on her holiday. Besides sporting tiny bathing suits while jet skiing in the waves, she has also enjoyed some topless sunbathing on a yacht.

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Allegedly, Paris was in such full party mode that she opened all the expensive bottles of champagne available in the restaurant of the famed beach club La Voile Rouge in St. Tropez. At least they know she can afford it!