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By Molly McGonigle

"Teen Mom"'s Amber Portwood may be in trouble for domestic abuse yet again. In a previous episode of "Teen Mom" Portwood is seen striking the father of her baby, Gary Shirley. She is currently being investigated by the police for the abuse portrayed on this particular episode, which took place in front of their daughter.

And now according to an NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, authorities were called to Shirley's home on Tuesday night after Shirley reportedly pushed Portwood out of his front door.

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Shirley told police that Portwood lost her temper after viewing a text message that he received.

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Portwood claims that she is under an extensive amount of stress, due to the previous abuse allegations that she faces from the "Teen Mom" series.

There has been no information about whether the couple's daughter, Leah, was at the home during this most recent altercation.

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