President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went all out to celebrated the 4th of July -- and their daughter's birthday -- this year. According to The Huffington Post, the Obamas hosted more than 1,200 military families on the White House South Lawn on Thursday.

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The Independence Day celebration included a barbecue, fireworks, musical performances and a speech by the President. "It's Malia's birthday so she is appreciative that you're all going to be wishing her a happy birthday," the President told his guests of his eldest daughter, Malia, who turned 15.

Barack, 51, also thanked troops for their service. "You, the fighting men and women of the United States and those who came before you, you've played a special role," he said. "People, in scattered corners of the world, are free to write their own futures because of you."

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The President and First Lady dressed in red, white and blue for the holiday with Michelle, 49, wearing a white and blue printed dress with red flats.

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During the party, military troops and indie rock band Fun. gave special performances. The United Service Organizations tweeted Thursday, "Thanks so much to Fun for entertaining our troops and families tonight!"

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