In "The Perfect Storm," we have the "Pretty Little Liars" trapped in school because of a bad storm -- and the storm hits the fan for Emily.How great were all the girls when Emily got pushed to the brink and admitted that she liked Alison as more than a friend? What an awesome storyline. The SATs were a great way to get Alex into the dramatic storm-locks-us-in storyline and the Mrs. Hastings-Alex resolution was unexpected and nice. She is also awesome when she goes all bad-ass lawyer on Det. Wilden. Who is noticing the literary references that popped up in A's messages? Spencer got "Tom Sawyer" last week, Emily got "Great Expectations" this week. Are they trying to throw our suspicion to Ezra Fitz the English teacher? Hmmm.Lucy Hale had a great moment when she sang while Brant Daugherty played the guitar. She told us she's still in touch with some of her "American Juniors" co-stars, which is adorable. What do we think about the Ella-Mr. Fitz moments? We thought they were awkward and yet hysterical.We love that Hanna is starting to stand up to Mona, but we're really anticipating the big smackdown that we know Mona so richly deserves. We hope that "Wizard of Oz" comment was just the beginning. Last week, it seemed like Ashley and Byron had a moment and this week cements it, maybe?  We smell trouble. It might be innocent -- and that would actually be refreshing -- but we don't think so.-- AFollow Zap2it and Zap2it Andrea on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.Photo credit: ABC Family

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