Janet Mayer / Splash News 1 / 16
Janet Mayer / Splash News 1 / 16

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless, of course, you're a prince.

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Visiting Sin City for the first time, Prince Harry, who is in the U.S. for military training, was spotted doing a little dirty dancing with a blond woman at Wynn Las Vegas's Tryst Nightclub in the wee hours of Saturday morning, according to People.

The 27-year-old arrived at the club after midnight and seemed not to be recognized as he took a seat at a VIP table far from the dance floor. Despite being closely guarded by a security team of nine people, he gleefully chatted and danced with some of the club's female patrons while drinking Grey Goose and tonics.

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It didn't take long for word to get out that a prince was in the club's midst, and People reports that a variety of curious young ladies approached Harry's table before being told the party was private.

As the night progressed, Harry's moves bordered on silly when he leapt into the lap of one of his security team members, before falling down in a fit of laughter. Later, he jokingly landed on bended knee before a brunette dance partner.

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Eventually, though, the prince put his chuckles aside to dance seductively with a blond woman in a cream-colored top and black skirt, before heading back to his room when the festivities subsided around 3 a.m.

Prince Harry's two-month training with the British Army Air Corps in Arizona and other parts of the Western U.S. is set to conclude soon.