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With a mom as fashionable as Rachel Zoe, it's no surprise that Skyler Berman is seriously stylin'.

"He's an amazing butterball," Zoe, 40, gushed to Us Weekly Wednesday at a Beverly Hills event when asked about her son with husband Rodger Berman. Since becoming a mom, Zoe admitted she's been a little neglectful when it comes to keeping up with trends, or adding to her own wardrobe. Her new favorite hobby? Buying baby clothes for Skyler instead.

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"It's so much more fun shopping for him," the stylist shared. "I buy him everything! Little linen pants, tank tops and shorts…Seersucker jackets and newsboy hats and Gucci…I can't stop. It's like a disease."

Zoe also revealed that baby Skyler--who celebrated his first birthday March 22--started chatting up a storm recently, although the Bravo star says he's not quite ready to talk designers with her just yet.

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"He's saying water, and mama, things like that," Zoe laughed. "Just the basics!"


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