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Noel Vasquez / Getty Images North America 1 / 8

By Kat Giantis

Reese Witherspoon beamed ear-to-ear Tuesday night as she cheered on the Los Angeles Lakers courtside with newly minted fiancé Jim Toth. But her smile probably had less to do with her team trouncing the Detroit Pistons and more with the enormous, cornea-searing sparkler weighing down her finger.

During the game, the Oscar-winning mom of two, 34, happily flashed the 4-carat, vintage-inspired engagement ring that CAA agent Toth slipped on her finger over the holidays. The rock rundown: The bauble is a rare Ashoka diamond placed atop a platinum and pave diamond band.

The estimated price of the jewel is a bracing $250,000.

This isn't a ring you'd want to do the dishes in, but it would come in handy if you, say, had to cut a person-sized hole in a glass window or needed to do serious damage to someone and forgot your brass knuckles.

What say you? Is Reese's engagement ring a classy complement to her own sophisticated loveliness or is the rock a bit over-the-top? Vote and then tell us in the comments.

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