Actress Brittany Murphy passed away Sunday at the age of 32.

Perhaps best known for her work in '8 Mile,' 'Girl, Interrupted,' and 'Clueless,' Murphy was a longtime industry veteran with dozens of credits. She first appeared on TV shows like "Kids Incorporated," "Drexell's Class," and "Parker Lewis Can't Lose," later starring on the big screen, appearing alongside actors including Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas and Ashton Kutcher.

Her film credits in addition to those mentioned above include 'Sin City,' 'Little Black Book,' 'Just Married," "Don't Say a Word,' 'Riding in Cars with Boys,' 'Uptown Girls,' and 'Sidewalks of New York.'

The actress was also the longtime voice of Hank Hill's niece Luanne Platter on FOX's "King of the Hill," and also voiced a character in the animated film 'Happy Feet.'

ET interviewed Murphy in 2004 regarding her role in 'Little Black Book,' and she said,"My character, Stacy, and her mom love Carly Simon. When in doubt, put on Carly anytime necessary. And when the character becomes nervous, she starts singing Carly Simon songs to soothe her. I've sung my whole life. I love a microphone. I would have never really anticipated that my life would have been in the pictures before it would have been, you know, performing in front of people with a microphone. Life is strange that way."

Murphy, who, for a period, dated her 'Just Married' co-star Kutcher, married screenwriter Simon Monjack in 2007.

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