Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville in May 2009 / John Shearer / WireImage 1 / 5
Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville in May 2009 / John Shearer / WireImage 1 / 5

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, was released on $5,000 bail in Beverly Hills, Calf., after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Thursday morning, TMZ and Perez Hilton report.

The model, whose husband left her after he was caught cheating with LeAnn Rimes in 2009, was reportedly pulled over on Sunset Boulevard for an unknown traffic violation at 12:05 in the morning.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say officers detected the smell of alcohol and Glanville, 36, was

given a field sobriety test. She was then arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The model (and mom to Mason, 7, and Jake, 3) left the Beverly Hills police station at 8:21 Thursday morning, Perez Hilton reports.

On the other end of the Eddie Cibrian spectrum, LeAnn Rimes is taking a lot of heat for her controversial Shape cover story. Apparently, readers think that giving Rimes a cover story is glorifying cheaters. However, Shape's editor-in-chief, Valerie Latona, stands by her decision to provide readers with a compelling story.

"I stand by the fact that LeAnn's story is compelling,

and her courage and strength in the face of so much adversity is compelling. That is why I put her on the cover of Shape for what is now the third time," Latona told USA Today on Friday.

"The fact is, a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain, calling LeAnn a 'husband stealer' and a 'terrible mistake for Shape,'" the editor continued. "I wrote to those women, apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy, as I have done for other cover stars in the past."


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