Retta, the star of Parks and Recreation, is all about treating "yo self!" She totes Bose headphones to block out the world. "I need my 'me' time!" says the 42-year-old single star (real name: Marietta Sirleaf). What else is worthy of her Tory Burch hobo? (

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Lashing Out"My eyelashes are really short but I want them to be long and fabulous so I'm trying RevitaLash. Hopefully it will help a bitch out!"Sticky Sitch Fix"The Parks costumer gave me a dress tape that I carry. If a top is showing too much boob, I stick it to my chest."

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Gossip Girl"I bring my iPad to watch Scandal. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, who knows all the dirt but keeps it secret, which is a skill I don't have. Sometimes I just gotta tell somebody!" ( the Dish"I'm reading Tess Rafferty's memoir, Recipes for Disaster. She's a friend but I didn't know she loves to cook!"PHOTOS: 15 best 100-calorie snacksRing Her Up!"I clip coupons to make up for my overshopping. But they're usually expired by the time I try to use them."

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