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Rihanna missed Katy Perry's wedding in India on Oct. 23, saying that she was in crunch time working on her new album. However, Life & Style is reporting that the real reason Rihanna missed her best friend's wedding was because of an argument with her boyfriend, Matt Kemp.

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An insider says, "Matt heard rumors that Rihanna and Drake recently got cozy at a New York club. They had a big argument over it. Rihanna was very upset and couldn't face getting on a plane and going to India for a romantic wedding ceremony."

The insider concludes that Rihanna was worried about not having cell phone or Internet service to be in touch with her boyfriend and that she opted to skip her bff's wedding.

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Even though Rihanna was unable to fly out for her friend's big day, she's glad Katy Perry was so understanding.

She tells Access Hollywood, "I didn't get to go to the wedding. Luckily, Katy is in the same industry as me, so she understands and she knows how it can get. But I was fortunate enough to be able to throw her bachelorette party, so I got to be involved somehow."

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