Lilly Lawrence / Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic / 1 / 11
Lilly Lawrence / Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic / 1 / 11

We love us some Robert Pattinson, but he's left us scratching our follicly-ample heads with his latest hairstyle.

The "Twilight" star was the talk of the town after attending the GO campaign's 7th annual Go Go Gala in Los Angeles on Nov. 13. But it wasn't anything that he said or did that had people talking. It was more of what he had -- a really, really strange haircut.

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With a hairstyle ripped out of an early '90s playbook, R.Patz showed up with a mushroom cut, with his hair long on top and shaved beneath. Also known as a bowl cut, the trend was popular when he was in elementary school.

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R.Patz, however, took his 'do one step further, leaving one thick strip of hair on the back center of his head, causing everyone to say, "huh?"

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To be fair, the actor looked hunky otherwise. Donning a chocolate brown suit and blue button down shirt, R.Patz looked quite dapper. But his wardrobe certainly took a back seat to his hairstyle.

We don't know if this new 'do is for a movie role. But what we do know is this: R.Patz should probably invest in some hats for now.