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Jada Pinkett Smith is offering some tips on how to keep the passion burning in a long-term relationship. Trouble is, her advice would likely result in non-celebrity types either getting arrested for indecent exposure, fired for misuse of company property or banned from their social circle for inappropriate behavior. The actress tells Redbook that while "nice outfits and high heels" have done wonders for her 11-year marriage to Will Smith, she's all about switching things up, location-wise. "[Take] a drive -- and then pull over on the side of the road! Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex," suggests Jada. "Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary!" (That sound you hear? It's million capable, underpaid administrative assistants hitting their heads on their desks over the age-old sexy secretary stereotype.) Continues Mrs. Smith, "Be sneaky. Your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom! A guest bedroom! Just switch it up. Anything like that can keep it going. Anything it takes to keep the flame alive."

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Moving on from illicit nookie to possibly age-inappropriate wooing ... Owen Wilson apparently has a type, and that type may look a lot like Kate Hudson. The New York Daily News says the actor, who's been shooting "How Do You Know?" with Reese Witherspoon in Washington, D.C., was recently spotted out on a date with a dewier version (read: blonde hair, blue eyes) of his repeat ex. The pair apparently held hands and seemed "very, very into each other" while dining at a local organic bistro. "Owen's new girl was a dead ringer for Kate Hudson, aside from the fact that she looked young enough to be his daughter," says a spy. "She looked to be just over the legal drinking age!"

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And finally, despite recent rumblings that Rihanna is sweet on Orlando Magic player Rashard Lewis, it seems she's still being courted by Canadian rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham. On Monday night in New York City, the pair turned up at the after-party for the Jack Black comedy "Year One" and were "attached at the hip" all night, spies parrot to People magazine and the New York Post. "They were being really cute -- flirting and there was lots of touching!" says the mag's insider, while the paper's snitch concludes, "They are definitely together, but really trying to be discreet." Rihanna, who was reportedly seen making out with Graham last month (he's insisted they're just pals), is currently set to testify against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in his assault case on Monday.

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