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Lindsay Lohan isn't going to let a few thousand miles get in the way of her fickle and deeply dysfunctional relationship with Samantha Ronson. Amid rumblings that they're "sort of back together," the starlet turned up in London this week determined to see her inconstant inamorata, who was deejaying in town. But it looks like it was the same old drama in a new setting. On Wednesday night, Lindsay tracked down Sam at hot spot Bungalow 8, only to have her beat a hasty retreat with her producer-brother, Mark Ronson, in tow. But the actress was all smiles as she exited a few minutes later and followed Ronson back to her hotel, where she reportedly remained for the night. Splash News caught up with Lindsay the next morning and asked her if she enjoyed her evening with Sam. Her eloquent answer: "Yes."

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Meanwhile, did Chris Pine explore the final frontier of Audrina Patridge only to make a beeline for the first transporter out of there? Just weeks after the two were first rumored to be "quietly" dating, the "Star Trek" actor has supposedly deep-sixed the top-heavy starlet due to their divergent career trajectories, i.e., he's careening toward stardom at warp speed, while she's currently stuck in the black hole of reality TV. Chris "was forced to dump Audrina because his camp wants him to take the right strategic steps to become a big movie star," a mole tells Hollyscoop.com. "Dating a reality show star would tarnish his image." He was also purported to be unhappy that his connection to Patridge turned him into gossip fodder. "Chris got freaked out by all the attention and pulled away," an insider explains to Us Weekly. "He's a shy guy and doesn't want to be in the spotlight." Perhaps he also didn't want to be connected to another skirmish involving the attention-seeking vortex of suckitude that is Spencer Pratt, who didn't appreciate Audrina's manager sniffing to TMZ.com that she would never consider replacing Speidi on "I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!" because "she's a star." Spencer, ever the gentleman, responded thusly: "Heads up, Audrina. Just because you have a one-night stand with a guy who's in a movie called 'Star Trek' doesn't make you a star. You're just a ho."

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In other breakup chatter, Paul Sculfor has confirmed what everyone already figured: He and Cameron Diaz are kaput. "I'm very single and happy," the strapping British model tells the Daily Express. "Cameron and I are still friends. I'll be going back to the States soon -- I don't know if I'll get the chance to meet her as I'm so busy I don't know what I'm doing." The lanky pair, who dated for more than a year, was last seen together in mid-May at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, a sighting that came on the heels of reports claiming they'd split because they couldn't "find time for each other anymore." Diaz soon found time for Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, lunching with him at the Chateau about a week after her meet-up with Sculfor.

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And finally, contrary to what you may have heard, LeAnn Rimes is a "classy woman." Says who? LeAnn Rimes, who tells People magazine that she's decided "to take the high road" and not stoop to the level of Eddie Cibrian's wife, who accused her of stalking her Lifetime movie co-star, a charge her rep has deemed "incredibly defamatory." "I would never want to hurt my husband [Dean Sheremet] or anyone else with more lies dragged out in the press," explains LeAnn, who ended up on the cover of Us Weekly last March wedged between a picture of Cibrian and the headline, "Caught in an Affair." "I can't control other people but I can control what I say and what I don't."

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