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Are Drew Barrymore and Justin Long friends with nibbling benefits? As the sometime flames and self-described "best friends" noshed al fresco in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, the paparazzi noticed a mysterious mark on the actor's neck. Their armchair diagnosis of the suspicious bruising: It's a big honkin' hickey. Drew, for her part, kept a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Jaunty fashion statement or an attempt to hide a matching blotch from a Hoover-esque smooch session? We'll let you make the call. Over the last few weeks, the seemingly back-on lovebirds have been spied looking smitten on both coasts, from PDA at the New York premiere of "Grey Gardens" to lingering glances at a friend's birthday party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where Justin serenaded Drew with "You Are My Sunshine." And just a few days ago, the New York Post caught the oh-so-adorable twosome "holding hands and kissing" at a Manhattan piano bar.

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In other couples news, Kim Kardashian isn't yet ready to walk down the aisle, but she's dropping major hints that she's moseying in that general direction with Reggie Bush, her NFL boyfriend of two years. "So many people rush into it and it's all this pressure because they see we've been together for a while," the callipygian looker, 28, tells People magazine. "But, we're heading there. When we're ready, we'll know."

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Meanwhile, Kim K.'s sometime pal Paris Hilton has skipped the preliminaries and jumped right into the honeymoon phase with beau Doug Reinhardt. The planet's "busiest person" took a breather from her Google-checking schedule to post a barrage of bikini-stuffed photos on Twitter that show her cozying up to Reinhardt during their recent getaway to the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Among the passionate exclamations accompanying the pics: "love rules"; "lovers in paradise"; "lovers in the sun"; and "loving life with my love." Hey, you know what we love? Pepto. Lots and lots of Pepto, because all of a sudden, we are so very queasy.

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On the opposite end of the lovey-dovey spectrum is Avril Lavigne and her husband, Deryck Whibley, who had a blow-up Friday night at Los Angeles hot spot My House, reports People magazine. No word on what triggered the rumor-plagued pair's "ugly argument," but it ended with Whibley leaving in a huff and the seriously in-need-of-a-new-look popster supposedly taking comfort in a "drink or two."

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The quickest way to make us question a story trumpeting Paul McCartney's supposedly secret engagement to girlfriend Nancy Shevell, aka the Bizarro Heather Mills? Quote a source who cites Beatles lyrics to make a point. "[Nancy] doesn't need the glamour that Heather craved. She is the opposite of Heather, who tried to change so many aspects of his personality and lifestyle. Nancy has worked out very quickly that the key to maintaining a love affair with Paul is to 'let it be,'" a mole clunkily tells the London Sunday Express of the pair's purported plans to get hitched. "Best of all for Paul, she's no gold digger. She has money in her own right, so he feels very comfortable. The wedding will be sooner rather than later -- at Paul's age you don't hang about. I can't think of a soul who'd deny him happiness." Except perhaps Sir Paul's well-paid spokesman, who pooh-poohs to the paper, "There is no truth in it whatsoever. They have not become engaged in any shape or form. It is utter nonsense."

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