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DJ Samantha Ronson has offered her condolences to the owner of a small Maltese dog her bulldog is believed to have killed in a vicious attack on Monday.

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Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend was walking with her bulldog, Cadillac, near her Los Angeles apartment when her pet is said to have attacked a smaller pooch nearby.

And Ronson has taken to her Twitter.com page to convey her sadness over the incident.

In a series of posts, she writes, "There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing.

"I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am."

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Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control is investigating the death of the Maltese. Spokesman Michelle Roache told People.com, "The incident is still an allegation until such a time that a witness provides evidence to support the allegation."

Roache also said that the department will look into see whether or not Cadillac has had any previous incidents like this one.

Ronson has reportedly shipped Cadillac off to New York to be with her family.

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