Just in time for the season three premiere of the award-winning FX series, "Damages," the second season of the legal thriller is being released on DVD -- and ET chats with series star Rose Byrne.

Rose, of course, plays Ellen, an associate at the prestigious law firm headed up by Patty Hewes (Glenn Close). In the first season, Ellen discovers she was hired by Patty, not because of her stellar law school grades, but for more personal reasons and she is quickly drawn into a conspiracy that results in the death of her fiancé. In season two, Ellen is out for revenge!

ET: I know everyone raves about season one, but I preferred season two. Do you have a preference?

Rose Byrne: I guess I have an affection for some of the characters in season one, because it was the first time, like [those played by] Ted Danson and Noah Bean. I liked that they tried something really different [in season two]. I am sure some people preferred it; some people didn't. As an actor, it was really fun because it was different. With TV, you think you are going to get stuck with the same thing. This show is not like that at all.

ET: What do you like about Ellen? Do you share any qualities?

Rose Byrne: I think we are parallel in that when I started the job I was naïve and green about television and how it works, because I came from films, so it was different. It was the same with Ellen. She graduated from law school, she goes to work at this prestigious firm and is at the center of this conspiracy and finds out she has only been hired for other reasons. And she is working for this incredible woman and I was working with a prestigious actress.

ET: What is it like working with Glenn Close?

Rose Byrne: It is fantastic. She is such a classy lady and she is a friend. We have so much fun. She really makes the show what it is. We wouldn't be there without her.

ET: I see the DVD has some special features. Did you do any of the commentaries?

Rose Byrne: I did one commentary. I did the first episode with [producers] Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler and Tim Olyphant. We all just watched it together and chatted. Timothy is a lot of fun, so that was easy.

ET: Can you give me any teases for season three? I understand at the start, Ellen isn't working with Patty.

Rose Byrne: It has been six months since we have left off and Ellen is working at the District Attorney's office.

The second season of "Damages" is in stores today. Season three premieres Monday, January 25 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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