With a little help from a costumed Sacha Baron Cohen, Elisabetta Canalis made a major splash on her way to Cannes this year

The Italian stunner, 33--who dated George Clooney from 2009-2011, and recently split from Jackass star Steve-O--took part in an elaborate photo stunt alongside Cohen, 40, dressed as his Dictator character General Aladeen.

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The duo enacted a sexy romance gone wrong as they cavorted aboard a yacht, sipping champagne and helping one another apply sunscreen.

Things took a turn for the sordid when the pair got into a spat, during which an enraged Aladeen dragged his new lady below deck. Minutes later, one of the Dictator's uniformed bodyguards emerged, carrying what appeared to be a large black bodybag--which the two men promptly tossed overboard.

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The newly-unattached General arrived at Cannes smiling, and made his way to the legendary Carlton Hotel on a camel.

This isn't the first time Cohen--as Aladeen--has caused a stir at industry get-togethers. At the Oscars in February, the comedian poured Kim Jong-Il's "ashes" all over red carpet correspondent Ryan Seacrest.

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