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A-list celebrities aren't accustomed to waiting, particularly those A-listers who are married to French billionaires. But did Salma Hayek toss a tantrum when she was forced to cool her fabulous heels at a Los Angeles hot spot on Wednesday night, which just happened to be her 43rd birthday?

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So claims Radar Online, which says the sublime, do-gooder star "freaked out" at the Chateau Marmont's restaurant after the hostess informed her that all the tables were occupied and she'd have to wait.

Salma, who quietly tied the knot with moneybags businessman Francois-Henri Pinault on Valentine's Day (their ridiculously cute daughter, Valentina, turns 2 later this month), was said to be so displeased that she began loudly ranting in Spanish, none of which the Radar operative on the scene could understand.

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Perhaps her words translated to, "Oh, yippee, my friends and family are here!" because Hayek's rep tells us that's who was waiting (and seated) at the restaurant when she arrived.

Talk of the actress throwing a public hissy fit is "100 percent not true," her spokeswoman assures us.

Salma stopped by the Chateau for a drink to celebrate her birthday -- and yeah, we, too, are wondering if she's aging in reverse -- and her "entire party of friends and family were already there," adds the rep. "She just went over to where they were sitting."

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