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Janet Mayer / Splash News 1 / 7

By Michelle Lanz with reporting by Rebecca Silverstein

Newly single "Jersey Shore" cast member Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola isn't letting her breakup with Ronnie get her down. The "Jersey" girl showed up at New York Fashion Week on Thursday, sitting front row at the Style 360 bebe BLACK show. Wonderwall got some time to chat with Sammi about her thoughts on next season, her favorite trends and whether or not her split with Ronnie is for good.

WONDERWALL: What brings you here? Are you a fan of bebe?

SAMMI SWEETHEART: I'm definitely a fan of bebe. I always wear their stuff when I'm at events and stuff, so I'm very familiar with the line.

WW: Next season of "Jersey Shore" will be in Italy. Will you be there?

SS: Maybe, maybe not! I hope so. I love Italy. I studied it in high school and in college, so I'd be really excited to go there.


WW: Do you speak Italian?

SS: I can understand it but I can't speak it very well.

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WW: Have you been watching this season?

SS: I have. I watch it when you guys watch it every Thursday night.


WW: When you watch, do you ever regret stuff you did or said?

SS: Oh yeah. There's definitely times ... and there's a lot of moments like, "Oh, that happened!" or "I'm glad that happened." It's a mix-up for me. Jersey was another difficult time, so it's hard to go back and relive all the negative moments.


WW: Do you think this is the last Sammi/Ronnie breakup?

SS: You never know.

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WW: As a Jersey girl, how do you stay fashionable in the winter?

SS: I think to be fashionable you have to have your own unique style, so as long as you're rocking you, you're going to look fashionable.


WW: Would you ever consider doing your own fashion line?

SS: I definitely would. I love fashion, so it's something that I'm going to think about for the future.


WW: What would you call it?

SS: I don't know. But something Sammi Sweetheart-related.


WW: What trends are you loving right now?

SS: For spring I'm just excited for some floral prints and what not, just not everything that's tight, slinky and sexy -- a little more out of the box.

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