@therealsarahhyland / Instagram 1 / 12
@therealsarahhyland / Instagram 1 / 12

A doggone good day! Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend Dominic Sherwood are hearing the pitter patter of little feet ... four of them, to be exact.

The couple welcomed an adorable new puppy over the weekend to which they named Boo. Hardly scary, Boo looks to be a mellow chocolate Lab. He joins Sarah's other dog, Barkley, as rulers of the house.

"This weekend @domsherwood and I rescued a little baby puppy," Sarah wrote on Instagram. "Now Barkley can have a sister to annoy the crap out of him. Meet Boo!"

The photo has already got 109,000 likes on Sarah's Instagram account.

Similarly, Dominic posted a mindbogglingly cute photo of the couple's little lady to his Instagram, writing, "Me and boo!!! Boo who? No boo you!"

Sarah is a vocal pet lover. She's spoken in the past about getting another dog to that Barkley, a Maltipoo, can have four-legged friend.

"It would be great for [Barkley] to be able to have someone to be with all day if he's home alone," she said.