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As you know, the tabloids took aim this week at the peculiar, hottie-meets-hothead romance of Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn.

To recap: Life & Style believes the starlet, 26, has "major abandonment issues" and thinks of the 50-year-old Oscar winner as a "father figure," while Star claims they're "fighting already" because he's encouraging her to go on a "health kick" and -- honey, please -- lose weight.

So, is anyone rooting for these crazy kids (OK, one kid and one AARP candidate) to make it?

Enter celebrity-friendly People magazine, which proclaims ScarJo and Sean downright crazy for each other.

"They are totally head over heels in love," gushes a source. "This [relationship] is for real."

So real that the actor has reportedly already introduced his dewy, stork-denying honey to his mother, who gave her the thumbs-up.

"She absolutely loves Scarlett," enthuses the mole.

Another insider adds that despite reports, the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Ryan Reynolds hasn't moved into Penn's Malibu pad, but insists their three-month romance couldn't be going better.

"They make each other feel good," opines the spy. "They're both kind of unique and a little bit dark, but together they're a good match."


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