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Peter Kramer / KRAPE 1 / 5

Did she or didn't she?

When Jill Zarin stepped out at the TV Land Awards in New York on Sunday, the "Real Housewives of New York City" star's face looked remarkably different.

Though Zarin, 47, denies getting any work done -- "If I did, I would be the first to admit it," she says -- her critics aren't so convinced.

"It appears Jill Zarin has had injectables like Botox to her crow's feet and forehead, as well as possible fillers to the nasolabial folds, or laugh lines," Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who has not treated Zarin, tells PopEater. "Also, it looks like she has had a rhinoplasty, which served to straighten and narrow her nose."

Zarin -- who owned up to getting a breast reduction in April 2009 -- finds the speculation amusing.

"How funny is this? 95% [of PopEater users] think I had surgery," she tweeted on Tuesday. "Should I be flattered they think I look better? Ask Dr. Pat Wexler. She is my doctor."


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