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By Jennifer Odell

Sharon Osbourne wishes she'd never had her breasts done with 34DD implants.

"They have put these bloody great bags in that are too ... round," she tells the UK's New! magazine. "It is like a water bed on your chest. I have my [breasts]. I want to have the bags taken out — then I will put them on eBay."

Osbourne, whose daughter Kelly recently fumed over rumors that her newly slim figure was owed to surgery, recently appeared on Piers Morgan's show, "ITV," where she said she'd spent 25,000 pounds (nearly $37,000) on a face lift, according to the Daily Mail.

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"It is worth paying more for a face lift if you don't want to look like an alien that has been beamed down from space," she told Morgan.

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"My teeth alone cost seven grand, but they're good because they don't look too white. The whole head cost 25 grand. I've had the [chest] done twice. Ozzy likes them but I don't."