@simoncowell / Twitter 1 / 11
@simoncowell / Twitter 1 / 11

King of mean? Yeah, right.

Simon Cowell has been a bit of a curmudgeon on multiple TV shows over his career (and that's how most people know him,) but deep down he's just an old softie.

The "X Factor" judge shared an adorable image of his family from a vacation in Ibiza, Spain on Twitter on Aug. 11. A shirtless Simon smiles as girlfriend Lauren Silverman leans in. The couple's toddler son, Eric, sits with his parents, donning a fisherman hat to shield his face from the sun.

The family time snap shows that Simon has a softer side, and he isn't all insults (though his remarks are often times correct!)

In the past, Simon has used Twitter to post images of his father and son bonding moments, so the idyllic vacation photo isn't entirely rare.

On June 21, he posted a hilarious photo of the toddler going through daddy's wallet, $1 bills are seen scattered around the bed. "Oh No! He is Dad's little boy," Simon wrote about the image. He's also poked fun at he and his son's similar style in the past.

Several months ago he put up a delicious photo of his son watching a movie while resting on his dad. "After watching the Jungle Book 1000 times we have moved on to the Lion King," he said.

Don't worry, Simon, we won't tell anyone that you're actually a pussycat; you're secret is safe with us.