It's no secret that "The View" co-host and CNN's Headline News host Joy Behar has made some snarky comments about the cast of the hit MTV show "Jersey Shore," which is why Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoww" Farley decided to post a YouTube video mocking the TV personality.

In the video, JWoww pretends to be doing a talk show and Joy is the guest. Joy is played by Snooki. "I am Joy and I'm on the freakin' 'View,' and I own everything in the world and I rule everything," Snooki says, spoofing the talk show host.

Snooki just released a new book called A Shore Thing, and she reacted to the book as if she were Joy, saying, "When I say that Snooki is a whore, she's a whore. ... What a disgrace that girl is!" JWoww adds, "Who would want to read a book about going to the Shore and having a good time?"

The rant continues with the reality star spoofing how they think Joy talks about their show "Jersey Shore," with Snooki saying, "You know why I don't like them? Because I'm [expletive] Joy and these people ruined my life in high school. That's why I love to talk [expletive] about them on my little talk show."

The girls start to crack up mid-way through the spoof with Snooki still playing the part of Joy, saying, "I actually admire [Snooki] even though I make fun of her. ... I'm a hater but deep inside I'm obsessed with her." The third season of Snooki and JWoww's reality show "Jersey Shore" just premiered last week. 

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