Singing in the rain!

Jennifer Lopez took the stage in pouring rain Sunday in Recife, Brazil for the last night of her "Dance Again" tour. The soaking wet 42-year-old singer showed off her amazing six-pack abs in a sparkly gold bra top and drop-crotch sequined pants.

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J.Lo kept a smile on her face and even jokingly held a tiny umbrella above her head. After the show she tweeted, "Unforgettable night in Recife to end our SA tour!"

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"J.Lo and J.Lo dancers killed it in the rain," one concertgoer tweeted. "They show what it is [to be] true artists." J.Lo tweeted back, "Thanks mama! Couldn't do it without you!"

The "On the Floor" singer is now back in the United States preparing to co-headline her tour with Enrique Iglesias. The longtime friends kick off their collaboration on July 14 in Montreal.

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"It really is a gift for the fans to be able to see a few different artists they like, or to be exposed to a new artist," Lopez told Rolling Stone. "We have put together something that's gonna be really exciting for the fans, and that's what kind of motivated me to be part of it. This is a ticket where people would be like 'Wow, I loved it.'"

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